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Logo of the uk locksmiths association featuring a key overlaying the union jack on a blue square background.
Logo of fsb with stylized letters inside a laurel wreath, featuring a shield with a book and sword at the bottom, set against a dark green background.

What’s My Lock?

If you are not sure what kind of lock you have, find out the simple way with our gallery of locks showing the different lock types found in UK homes and offices. And if you are in the Cheltenham area and have any problems with your locks,  call our Cheltenham locksmiths today!

Various smart lock devices including a keypad, a smartphone app interface, and a compatibility card with voice assistant logos.

Rim Cylinder Lock

Commonly known as Yale type lock

Rim Lock

Fitted to the surface of the door

Brass mortise lock and strike plate disassembled on white background, alongside keys.

Mortice Sashlock

British standard lock

Gold-colored door handle set with lock, keyhole, and detached parts displayed on a white background.

Night-latch lock

Works with Rim cylinder on outside

Euro Cylinder Lock

Usually fitted to UPVC doors

Mortice Deadlock

Similar to sashlock without latch


Used with chain or hasp and staples

Digital door lock with keypad, external view, internal view, latch mechanism, and deadbolt, depicted in separate parts on a white background.

Digital Lock

Commonly used on offices

Graphic showing nine different ways to unlock control, including options like an app on a smartphone, voice command, apple watch, nfc cards, password entry, physical keys, nfc tags, and fingerprint recognition.


Logos of security and lock companies: chubb, union, era, yale, and banham displayed in a row.


Three logos: "crb checked" with a checkmark, "fsb" with a laurel wreath, and "uk locksmiths association" with a uk flag, symbolizing professional affiliations and certifications.


A digital advertisement for a simplad smart lock featuring a fingerprint scanning interface with glowing yellow lines and text highlights.


A nuki smart lock next to a white door handle with a u-tec logo, showcasing the components of a modern electronic door locking system.