What kind of safe do I need?

How to find the right safe for you, some simple questions to ask yourself:

How much money or valuables are you going to keep in the safe over night?

What size safe are you going to need?

Does your safe contain valuable documents?

Do you want a key operated safe or an electronic key safe?

Have you got a particular place you want to put your safe e.g a cupboard, upstairs, in the wall or under the floor?

Hopefully the information below will help you make some decisions:

The most important thing you need to know when buying a safe is how much cash or valuables are going to be kept in the safe, this is important from an insurance point of view. For example if you are going to keep £1000 of cash you will need a safe with £1000 cash rating.

The rule of thumb is that the valuables rating of a safe e.g Jewelry or other valuable items is 10 times the value of the cash rating.

Example: a safe with a £1000 cash rating will have a £10,000 valuable rating thus meaning if anybody did manage to break into your safe, or remove it completely your insurance company would pay out to the value of £1000 in cash and £10,000 in valuables.

Safes range from £1,000 cash rating to £100,000 cash rating anything larger would require a vault. The valuable ratings start at £10,000 up to £1,000,000.

The next thing you need to know is where are you going to put your safe, having a solid foundation to bolt your safe down is very important ideally you want to bolt into brick work or concrete. Plaster board or wood should be avoided as they are easy to lever safe bolts out off.

Will the floor support the weight of your safe, some safes can weigh 700 Kg enough to split floor boards or wooden supports if fitted upstairs in a property.

If you are going to hold valuable documents or objects in the safe its important that you buy a safe that is fire resistant for a certain amount of time, most fire safes give you between 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes during the event of a fire.

Key operated or Electronic key pad? This all depends on certain factors, most commercial properties prefer safes with digital key pads. This is because they may have 5 to 10 staff who need access to the safe its neither convenient or clever to have 10 keys floating about, also if you have a large turn over of staff it makes it very quick and easy to change the code.

Key operated can be very convenient for domestic properties the safes are a lot less costly than key pad operated safes. One thing to remember is that with keys your insurance company will always ask you keep the keys on you at all times obviously if the key is lost or stolen the security of the safe is breached.

For more information please contact us we supply safes form £1000 cash rating, £10000 Valuable rating to £100,000 cash rating, £1,000,000 valuable rating.

Thank you for reading


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