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What is the Most Secure Lock to Prevent Lock Snapping? (2023 Guide)

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What is the Most Secure Lock to Prevent Lock Snapping? (2023 Guide)

Lock snapping has become a common technique used by burglars to gain entry into homes. It is a quick and silent method that involves snapping a particular type of lock cylinder in two1. However, thanks to advancements in security technology, there are now highly secure locks available that can prevent lock snapping. In this guide, we’ll explore the most secure locks to prevent lock snapping in 2023.

Understanding Lock Snapping

Lock snapping involves breaking the euro cylinder in locks, which then allows the burglar to manipulate the lock to open it2. Euro cylinders are found in many doors throughout the UK and are particularly vulnerable to this form of attack1. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in a high-security lock that can resist lock snapping.

The Most Secure Locks To Prevent Lock Snapping

SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder

One of the most secure locks to prevent lock snapping is the SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder3. This lock has achieved the highest level of approval in the industry, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their home’s security. It has been rigorously tested against all known methods of attack, including lock snapping.

The SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder is designed to stay locked even if it’s snapped, with hardened steel bar and specific anti-snap lines built into the lock3. This means that even if a burglar manages to snap the lock, they won’t be able to manipulate it to open the door.

Anti-Snap Cylinders

Anti-snap cylinders are another excellent option for preventing lock snapping. These locks have a ‘snap-off’ section integrated into the lock. If a burglar attempts to snap the lock, this section will break off, leaving the main part of the cylinder still protected inside the door4. This makes it significantly more challenging for burglars to gain unauthorized access to your home.

How To Prevent Lock Snapping

The best way to prevent lock snapping is by installing one of the secure locks mentioned above. However, it’s also essential to have these locks installed correctly. A poorly installed lock can still leave your home vulnerable to lock snapping5. Therefore, it’s recommended to have a locksmith install your high-security locks to ensure they are fitted properly and offer maximum protection.

In conclusion, while lock snapping is a growing security concern, there are secure locks available that can protect your home against this form of attack. By investing in a high-security lock and ensuring it’s correctly installed, you can significantly enhance your home’s security and have peace of mind knowing your property is well-protected.

Recommeded Cylinders

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s security, a 3-star anti-snap cylinder is highly recommended. These locks have been tested against all common forms of lock manipulation and attack, including lock snapping, and have proven to be highly effective.

Here are a few top 3-star anti-snap cylinders that you can consider:

  1. Yale Platinum 3 Star Euro Cylinder: Yale is a reputable brand in the security industry, and their Platinum 3 Star Euro Cylinder is TS007:2014 3-star approved, providing maximum security against known attack methods.

  2. Schlosser Technik 3 Star High Security Euro Cylinder: This lock is also TS007:2014 3-star approved and features an anti-snap line on either side of the cylinder, providing robust protection against lock snapping.

  3. Avocet ABS 3 Star High Security Euro Cylinder: Avocet is known for its high-quality locks, and this model is no exception. It meets the highest TS007 standard and offers excellent resistance against lock snapping, drilling, picking, and bumping.

  4. Era Fortress 3 Star Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Barrel High Security TS007: This cylinder is designed to withstand lock snapping and other common burglary techniques. It’s a reliable and sturdy choice for enhancing your home’s security.

Remember, while having a high-quality lock is important, it’s equally crucial to ensure that it’s installed correctly to provide maximum protection. Consider hiring a professional locksmith to install your new lock.

Please note that while these cylinders offer enhanced security, no lock can guarantee complete protection against burglary. Therefore, it’s essential to take a holistic approach to home security, which might include additional measures like alarm systems, CCTV, and secure windows and doors.

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