Burton Orthrus


A freestanding high security solution of modular construction, Orthrus delivers optimum price/performance ratio. It is certified to the very latest LPS standard – LPS1175: Issue 8 and has achieved security rating F10/G5. Each room is built to order according to the individual size and security requirements of the client. The flexibility of design and build allows this to be the perfect solution in the commercial world for high value items or indeed military/government use for sensitive materials or meeting spaces.

  • Freestanding high security safe room
  • Modular construction to create bespoke rooms built to your specification
  • Independently tested and certified to LPS1175 (Issue 8) F10/G5
  • Ideal solution for creating a secure space within an existing structure
  • Ideal for commercial, military or government use
  • Exceeds requirements of the UK Environment Agency for the storage of radioactive source material/equipment
  • Panel widths range from 150mm to 1500mm
  • Rooms can be 5 or 6 sided
  • Design, consultancy service and installation is provided by Burton Safes
  • The door and locking system can be connected to client’s own alarm system and access control system
  • A 2nd or 3rd lock can be added to your vault door if required
  • Lock features 4 manager codes, 36 user codes, time delay and time windows, dual user functions and audit trails
  • Optional emergency door is available


Dual Locking
RU Score: 80
Warranty: 2 Years

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