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Burton Cerberus


• Independently tested and certified to EN1143-1 Grades 1 – 13
• Grades 6 – 13 have been tested and certified to EX, providing additional protection against explosives
• Grades 8 – 13 have been tested and certified to CD, providing special protection against core drills
• Designed to suit your size and security requirements
• Panels can be provided in lengths of up to 3600mm and can be fitted with cable and ventilation holes if required
• Mounting plates for seismic detectors can be added to your vault
• Steel cladding for the exterior is available on request
• Burton Safes offer a full consultation, design and building service. Upon completion the room is inspected and registered with VDS
• All Cerberus doors come with 2 locks as standard and a third can be ordered on request. The locks are located on the outside only
• Cerberus doors can be supplied with key, mechanical combination or electronic locks
• Electronic locks can offer redundant systems, dual user, time delay, time lock, duress alarms, audit trails, one time codes, remote programming and tiered access rights
• All doors can only open outwards and can open 180˚
• An emergency door can be intergrated into the main vault door or installed as a seperate door*
• A day gate can be fitted to the main vault door on request and comes with a single key lock and a second key or electric strike
• Exit handles and hydraulic closers can be added on request
*Integrated door in door only available on Grades 1-3


Dual Locking
RU Score: 50-4500
Security Level: High – Ballistic
Warranty: 2 Years

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