Becoming a Locksmith

When talking to people about my career as a locksmiths many people ask ” How did you get into that line of work?”.

The simple answer is I didn’t plan to, back in 2005 I was made redundant from my previous job and I was looking to retrain in the trade sector. After looking through adverts locally and realizing there was nothing available in my local area , well nothing I thought I would find interesting. I opened my newly delivered yellow pages and started searching through the sections until I reached the locksmith section, now there’s something that sounds different and interesting I said to my self. I called a few companies but found most were national firms advertising as local ones, I decided on a different approach i wrote a standard letter explaining my current situation and added a CV attached to it. In total I sent the letter to 20 locally based locksmith companies in the Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire area.

I received one reply i was disappointing but one was better than none and it looked like a well established professional company. I was asked to go in for an interview then after offered a trial day, I arrived and was shown the ins and outs of a locksmith business from repinning cylinders to open locks. i was hooked there was so much to learn and it all looked like a challenge.

Fortunately the owner of the business saw my enthusiasm and offered my the position of trainee locksmiths. My wages were low at £150 per week but at aged 19 i had low out goings and the positives outweighed the negatives. I get a lot of phone calls asking for advice on how to become a locksmith my advice is to try and work for a locksmith company instead of doing 4 day courses which are over priced and over sold leaving you with not much more knowledge than you could of learnt from a book. the experiences you learn on site and in the shop of a locksmith business is worth its weight in gold and although you may start on a low wage the long term advantages are endless.

Every year start up locksmith companies appear in my local area usually they last about 6 months before realizing that what the training companies promised them wasn’t the reality, they are left with no work and thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary tools.My overall opinion is to either train with a company whilst working for them or slowly take MLA master locksmiths association courses in your spare time.

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